Welcome to the world of military consulting

Every day we prevent at least one conflict by equalizing the opportunities of the parties…

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Why should you associate your business with us?

Motor Service Group represents a group of companies and European-American financial institutions, cooperating with more than 5 securities academies such as USA, UK, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Sweden…
The company plays a structured role in protecting the security of the state and closing loopholes to the enemy and terrorism in terms of higher training and providing security equipment…


Three steps we are ahead of the competition


The company has an excellent level of training of instructors from among the military and security forces for the purposes of combating terrorism and logical implementation in crisis situations.

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The company strives to provide the most effective aspects of safety and work of regular work to deal with situations and everything that will come only when working together and create a spirit of friendliness and harmony to work as a team learning.

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Our business philosophy is to serve the public interest, which in turn should set us apart from our competitors.

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Our innovations

We are constantly looking ahead, finding new ways to use technology to further improve performance.

  • We don’t just sell guns. We test and refine the equipment ourselves. Hunters. Competitors. We know what affects the performance of firearms in the real world. And over the years, we’ve listened to the best professional shooters and compared records with gun manufacturers.
  • Selling military equipment, we found out from practical experience that modern firearms are devoid of pretense and tricks, only powerful, serious high-performance engines are left. As are the people who use them. This is a custom made firearm that comes straight out of the box and has special features that you won’t find from other manufacturers.
  • We try to play fair and always tell our customers our opinion based on practice and personal experience. Each military equipment has both its pros and cons. But we are sure that for each product there will always be a buyer.


Over the years, we have built a unique professional production process


1. Studying the demand from our regular customers

We are in touch with each of our Clients.

  • We have compiled a card for each Client
  • We have compiled a card for each type of product purchased by the Client
  • We have compiled cards of all the problems and positive aspects of the operation of the Client’s equipment


2. Constant work with suppliers of equipment at the level of technical departments and testing grounds for military products

We are in touch with our Suppliers every minute

  • We have all the operational information about our Suppliers
  • We have all the operational information about each type of equipment manufactured by our Suppliers
  • We have all the operational information about all types of product failures of our Suppliers


3. Being at the places of use of military products and independently participating in the correction of errors and troubleshooting

We are constantly at the places of testing new and using purchased equipment

  • We are always at the Suppliers’ landfills
  • We are always at the Suppliers’ landfills
  • We are always at the places of use of the products we sell and check their work
  • We personally accompany each product from the Manufacturer to the Buyer and send defective samples for reclamation

We are proud of our


Successful contracts


Delivery regions


Different Branches


We treat our Partners with great respect


We are a single team that is always ready to perform the most complex and interesting tasks

Dmytro Makhortov

Head of the Board / CEO

Dmytro is a person who, in a short time, organized a fairly correct scheme of the technological process: from the test site where weapons are tested to real places where weapons are used in practice. He carries out all the main issues and the right to make decisions.

Tatiana Okhrimchuk

Head of Legal Department

Tatyana provides full legal support and support for each contract. It without fail makes adaptation of each agreement both with the supplier, and with the buyer and takes into account the specifics of regional legislative processes.Tatiana is always aware of any legislative changes.

Serhii Borovkov

Technical Director

Serhii provides technical support for each transaction and actually goes to the field testing weapons. He prepares and gives a full technical assessment of new models of equipment and analyzes all the advantages and disadvantages of practically used products after their purchase.

We can do everything

(and even a little more)

Our work in the field of ground weapons

Our work in the field of air weapons

Our work in the field of personal technical equipment and military personnel